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Mobilization in the European Parliament: to protect mako sharks, the EU must take action now

This week is the final step of our mobilization to protect mako sharks, with the ongoing annual meeting of the International Commission for the Conservation of Atlantic Tunas (ICCAT). It is a vital opportunity to save endangered shortfin mako sharks.

Together with some of my fellow MEPs, I have been advocating for several months on this issue. Indeed, the European Commission has constantly opposed scientific recommendations and this week’s meeting could be decisive.

I support a full retention ban on shortfin mako sharks, without exceptions in line with ICCAT scientific advice. The European Union and its Members States must defend this measure and ensure their long-term recovery .

In parallel to the ongoing international negotiations taking place until 19 November, our friend mako shark came into the European Parliament to exchange with me and meet my colleagues. Until Friday, follow the mako shark’s journey in the European Parliament on my twitter account:


For more information on the risks these sharks face and the stakes of this week’s negotiations, read my fact sheet:


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