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Letter to the Norwegian Parliament: Act to prevent Deep Sea Mining from happening in Norwegian waters

Norway could be the first country to start commercial deep-sea mining. Its government is now proposing by opening up 281,200-square-kilometres of the Norwegian Sea in the Arctic to deep-sea mining, an area nearly the size of Italy.

As the Norwegian Parliament – “The Storting” – is expected to vote on this project by the end of November 2023, together with Marie Toussaint and 119 Parliamentarians from all over Europe we addressed a letter to their Norwegian counterparts urging them to reject such a destructive project.

Those parliamentarians from all over Europe are sitting in the European Parliament but also in national and regional assemblies. In the letter, they recall the lack of scientific knowledge regarding the impacts of Deep-Sea mining and the risk it poses for marine biodiversity, the acceleration of climate change and traditional activities, such as fisheries.

They are concerned about the future of the ocean in an area of the Arctic where the European Union and its neighbouring Member States are also active.

The ful letter is available here :

Letter from parliamentarians to the Norwegian Parliament on Deep Sea Mining
The letter in Norwegian

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